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Overwhelmed, is often the feeling that people have when selecting which video to produce for their business. To help you along your video marketing journey, we have developed our “Videos For All Businesses” blog series. In it, we cover the most common types of videos that every business can use, what they mean and how to measure their success.

In this particular post, we focus on the most common of all - product videos.

Product Videos

All businesses sell a product or a service and as a result, this is often the most common video that a business creates. Typically, you can view a product video on a company’s landing page and its intention is to summarise the unique features or benefits of your particular product or service. Every great product video has its roots in a detailed video marketing strategy. Before you start producing your product video or even brief an external agency, you should have a relatively good understanding of the target audience, which facts you will you focus on, the features or benefits of the product, and the underlying message or objective that you want to communicate. Below is a great example from the team over at Google, in which they introduce Google Education and show the integration it has with other Google products.

Product Video - Google Education

You might be saying, well we’re not Google. Our business specialises in timber products for the construction industry. How can we show our product benefits? The key take out when it comes to product videos is revealing a particular benefit or feature of your product to a potential customer. Below, is a second example of how we created a product video showing the benefits of the flexible and modular nature of underfloor air conditioning units for UK brand AET.

If there is a product video for underfloor air conditioning, there is a product video for your business.

Product Video - AET Flexible Space

What are the metrics of success?

Engagement is your typical metric of success when it comes to product videos. Ideally, you should be looking at the play rate versus the drop off rate of your product video. The greater the percentage of people that visit your website and view your video, the greater the likelihood of them moving further down your sales funnel.

Heat maps allow you to determine which of your viewers rewatch particular portions of your video. If your product video shows a number of features and benefits, heat maps allow you to determine which feature interests which customer the most.

For extra value, you can embed a turnstile or contact form to your product video. This is a great way to collect leads and invite interested customers to sign-up for a demo or trial version of your product or service.

Found this useful? Got a great example of a product video? Leave your comments below - we’d love to know what you think.

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